Previous Bank Manager’s daughters visit Cygnet Old Bank

Cygnet Old Bank

Sue and Anne who’s father was one of the Bank Managers, Mr Sam Mccausland from 1963

We were lucky enough to have a visit from sisters Sue and Anne who’s father Sam Mccausland was one of  the Bank Managers from 1963. They lived at the Bank for approximately 3 years.

The Bank has an interesting history, and here are some of the previous Bank Managers:

  • First manager Oliver J Edgar till 1920
  • Lionel L Steel till 1926
  • Julian A Woods till 1933
  • Reginald coupe till 1947
  • Don Angus McCreary till 1954
  • Mr E R Herbert till 1957
  • Oliver Scarr till 1963
  • Mr S Mccausland till 1965
  • Jim Green till 1968
  • Dennis Burrell till 1973
  • Graham Barwick till 1978
  • William Dalton till 1979
  • Des Macaulay till 1981
  • Michael Quinn till 1986
  • Les Charlesworth till 1988
  • Leigh Noye till 1991
  • Greg Sandford till 1993
  • Closing manager P A Cole till 1996

They had a lovely visit and recalled many stories of hiding in the old wood shed that has disappeared, to remembering numerous avocations of climbing down the front balcony on the second story, which was one of the girls bedrooms.

Happy days and a wonderful visit!