Now stocking GF Precinct gluten-free breads

gluten free bread

We have found another great local product for all our gluten-free lovers! GF Precinct Tasmania – an independent, Australian-owned wholesale bakery making the best artisan gluten-free breads around!

Their range of gluten-free breads taste and feel as good, if not better than ‘normal bread’. Their ingredients are sourced locally including locally milled Stoneground Buckwheat and Organic Besan flours.

All our GF bread is made by GF Precinct and pre orders of the various bread types, buns, flat breads, pizza bases and fruit tarts, can be taken with pick up on Mondays and Wednesdays after lunch. Please place your order 48 hours prior to the day you would like to pick up.

A regular selection (with limited numbers) is also available from the Conservatory Café.

GF Precinct

gluten-free breads

Download list of products here.

To order please contact us.