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Mind on Fitness
Mind on Fitness

If you exercise to feel should feel good exercising.

Darren Bennicke


‘The Stable’ is a compact fitness studio offering one-on-one personal training and small group classes for both adults and children.

It is unique in that it blends traditional strength and conditioning training with body awareness and intentional movement practices to provide a form of exercise that not only gets you fit, but prevents injury and leaves you feeling energised and motivated to change.

My name is Darren Bennicke, and I started Mind On Fitness to explore the many ways our body and mind interact. The system I’ve developed came about while dealing with my own physical, mental and emotional challenges, and seeing the benefits of fostering strength, flexibility, mobility and purpose in all areas of one’s life.

No matter what condition you currently find yourself in — mentally, physically or emotionally — mind-body exercise offers a practical step-by-step process to help you get where you want to be...And feel good doing it!

Classes & Sessions

All classes and sessions can be customised to your particular needs

Children’s Classes

Classes are held in the afternoon (specialising in ‘high energy kids’)

Small Groups

Small group sessions are held in the evening


One-on-one classes during the day (or one-on-two if you have a friend)

Online Classes

Programming to suit all ages and abilities

‘The Stable’ operates Monday to Thursday by appointment and caters for all ages.

Mind on Fitness

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